HiiT it Low Workout

HiiT it Low Workout

This is a high intensity interval training (HiiT) workout, but at a lower impact level which makes it easier on your joints.  *This is a perfect workout to do at home and you’ll be done in 15 minutes! 

All you need is a set of dumbbells (or even two soup cans) and you are ready to go!

Workout rules: 

  • Stay controlled with all movements and low to the ground.
  • Keep abdominals contracted in.
  • Chest remains open with shoulders retracted and depressed.
  • Spine is in a neutral position.

Walk, climb stairs, or march in place for 5 minutes before performing each exercise below for 45 seconds.  Give yourself a 15 second recovery in between each exercise.

Alternating Overhead Kicks

1.  Alternating Overhead Kicks (Targets total body cardio):

  • Try not to lean forward as you reach for your toes.
  • Keep arms as straight as possible.

Crouch & Row

2.  Crouch & Row (Targets back glutes, hips, and core):

  • Keep your weight even on both legs.
  • Don’t round your back.
  • Do pinch your shoulder blades.
  • Push your butt back as you lower down.

Side Shuffles

3.  Side Shuffles (Targets lower body cardio):

  • Stay low to the ground and shuffle a few steps each direction.

1 Legged Squats

4.  1 Legged Squat with Bicep Curls (Targets hips, thighs, glutes, and front of the arm):

  • Place all your weight on one leg.
  • Push your hips back, then squeeze glutes as you stand up to perform a bicep curl.

Frog Squats

5.  Frog Squats with Tricep Overhead Extensions (Targets thighs, glutes, hips, core, and back of the arm):

  • Stand tall with your feet wider than your shoulders.
  • You can perform this exercise one arm at a time.

Side Step Skaters

6.  Side Step Skaters with Upright Rows (Targets total body cardio, core, glutes, and shoulders):

  • Tap back side to side as you pump your arms (into upright rows).
  • This is a controlled movement and stay low to ground.

Rainbow Squats

7.  Rainbow Squats (Targets total body cardio, thighs, hips, and glutes):

  • Trace the shape of a huge rainbow with your arms, going up on your toes at the top of the move.

Do all 7 exercises as a circuit, then rest for 90 seconds and you can repeat 1-2 more times.  Stretch and you are done!

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.

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