Calf Care: Trigger Point Exercises

Calf Care 1

Trigger point therapy helps release tension in tight muscles,  which then allows freedom of movement in those muscles. If you have tight calves, then *these exercises below are for you…

Soleus Roll

Use a foot roller or get creative with a hard cylinder shaped object. I bought mine from Amazon here.

Soleus Roll

  • Place foot roller in the middle of the soleus.
  • If you need more pressure, press the top leg down against the bottom leg.
  • Keep your bottom leg relaxed.
  • Bend and straighten the knee to roll along the soleus muscle.
  • Roll slowly and breathe into it.
  • Roll back and forth 4x.
  • Repeat on the outside (toe out) and inside (toe in) of the soleus, rolling 4x each.  You will roll a total of 12x, then repeat sequence on the opposite leg.

Calf Trigger Point Exercise

Use a massage ball (you can look on Amazon here), or use a tennis ball.

Calf Care

  • Place the ball in the center of the calf (find a tender spot).
  • For more pressure, press top leg into the bottom leg.
  • Relax the bottom leg as much as possible.
  • You can also place the ball on a yoga block so your leg is a little higher in the air.
  • Trace the shape of a small circle (size of a quarter) with your toe 4x each direction. Keep your leg relaxed.
  • Breathe into the movement.
  • Next, point and flex your foot 4x.
  • Again, breathe into the movement.
  • Roll the ball to the inside of the calf with your toe up and repeat the sequence.  Note: Move your entire leg to roll the ball into position.
  • Roll the ball to the outside of the calf with your toe up and repeat.

Also see trigger point exercises for the foot here.

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


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