Kushyfoot Socks for Yoga, Running, and More

Kushyfoot Socks Footwear

I tried a new-to-me brand of socks, Kushyfoot, this past week for my workouts.  Here’s a couple styles to consider whether you do yoga, hike, run, whatever.

Kushyfoot Yoga Socks (c/o)

Kushyfoot Socks 3

Kushyfoot Socks 1

I love yoga socks and as the mornings get cooler again, it’s nice to have that extra layer between you and the cold floor.  They were great for yoga and pilates and stayed put as I pivoted on my feet from warrior positions down to planks and back up again. The zig zag no-slip surface on the bottom worked great – no slipping while in split-leg downward dog!

The only negative is that I wished they were a no-show sock when heading to and from the gym.

Kushyfoot Low Cut Socks (c/o)

Kushyfoot Socks 2

I’ve been actually nursing some blisters on the back of my heels from wearing socks that were too low, so these are perfect for shoes that have a higher base. The added thickness on the heel and ball of the foot were great for my runs and day hikes. They wicked moisture well and were comfortable. My feet were happy. I’ve machine washed and dried both styles once and they held their shape and didn’t shrink. Yay!

Are you particular about the type of socks you wear for your activities?


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