Rollin’ With My (Little) Homies

Inline skating 2

Your kids all have wheels, and you should to!  The older they get, the faster they get.  You need to keep up!  If razors or skateboards aren’t your thing, *why not try inline skating?

Inline skating

Key incentives of inline skating:

  • Muscles targeted:  butt, hips, thighs, core and heart (it’s a cardiovascular activity)
  • Burns 500-800 calories per hour: depends on body weight, speed, and terrain
  • It’s low impact: easier on joints and reduces your risk of injuries
  • Cross training:  Various types of fitness challenges muscles differently and keeps your workouts feeling fresh. This helps you break through fitness plateaus.
  • It’s fun:  It’s exercise that doesn’t feel like “a workout” and you can do it outside!

Inline skating 7

Inline skating 3

I am comfortable on wheels, but I don’t consider myself an expert skater by any means.  My advice as a trainer for those starting out is to progress like this:

  1. Safety:  Wear wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads.  Seriously, it’s not worth hurting yourself.
  2. Stand: Put your skates on and just stand on carpet (or grass).
  3. Balance:  When you are comfortable with standing stationary, try balancing on one leg (on carpet or grass). Don’t skip this step.  When you are skating, you are balancing foot to foot.
  4. Move: Try moving on carpet a little bit. Keep your body low with your knees bent and hips back in an athletic stance.
  5. Take it to the trail:  When successful with steps 1-4, then move outdoors to a flat, smooth surface.  A trail with grass on the side for stopping is ideal until you get comfortable with stopping on the trail.  I drag my back foot to stop, but you may like using the brake better.
  6. Keep your center of gravity low:  The faster you go, the more you will want to bring your hips back.

Inline skating 4

Inline skating 5

Inline skating 6

It’s super fun, a great way to spend quality time with the kiddos, and you’ll tone your tush!   If you are thinking about getting a pair of your own, I found mine at

Have you ever tried inline skating?

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


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