Core Training on the Road!

On the Road Core Training

Whether you are traveling for work or fun, don’t lose your fitness motivation!  Stay on track with your workouts.  You don’t need much space, and a resistance tubing is light and easy to pack in any suitcase. Here’s a quick core training workout you can do in any hotel room or small space.

On the Road Tubing Reverse Curls

1.  Tubing Reverse Curls

Targets the lower abdominals.

  • Lie on your back with your abs contracted.
  • Place the tubing over your ankles and anchor your arms down to the floor.
  • Pull your knees in towards your chest using your abdominals – muscle it up and don’t use momentum.
  • Slowly resist yourself back down and repeat the curls for up to one minute.

Now you need to anchor your resistance tubing to a heavy chair leg, table, or something stable.  After wrapping the tube around the chair leg, just push one handle through the other handle to anchor the tube (shown in photo below).

On the Road Core Training 1

Now push the tubing through the free handle to make a bigger loop for your foot to go in (shown in photo below).

On the Road Tubing Plank Kick Outs

Center your body to the anchor with the tubing on the inside of the knee.  Your hands can be flat for more stability.

On The Road Tubing Plank Kick Outs 1

2.  Tubing Plank Kick Outs

Targets shoulders, glutes, and all muscles of the core.

  • Get into a plank position with abs in, chest open, and shoulders retracted and depressed.
  • Bend one knee in towards your chest without rounding your spine.
  • Kick the leg straight back (without arching your back).
  • Slowly bend the knee in again and repeat kick out for up to one minute.
  • Switch legs and repeat sequence.
  • If you lose form, stop!


On the Road Tubing Cross Sit Ups

3. Tubing Cross Sit Ups

Targets the side of waist.

  • Position your body sideways to the tubing with your left arm straight and holding the tubing.
  • Use your ribcage to crunch sideways.
  • Try not to pull too much with your arm.
  • Slowly lower back down and repeat for up to one minute.
  • Switch sides and repeat sequence.

Now undo the handles and just anchor the tubing around the stable surface (shown in photo below).

On the Road Core Training

Center your body to the anchor point facing away from the anchor.

On the Road Tubing Crunches 1

4.  Tubing Crunches

Targets the front of the waist.

  • Keep shoulders pressed down away from your ears.
  • Crunch by lifting your chest slowly – don’t use momentum.
  • Lower back down and repeat for up to one minute.

On the Road Tubing Superman

5.  Tubing Superman

Targets the lower back.

  • Lie on your stomach with your abs contracted in.
  • Squeeze your butt and your quads (front of the thighs) so that your kneecaps are off the ground.  This stabilizes your hips.
  • While holding the tubing in your hands, retract your shoulder blades tight.
  • Slowly lift the upper body up, hold for 2-3 seconds and lower back down slowly.
  • Repeat sequence for up to one minute.

On the Road Tubing V Sit

6.  Tubing V Sit

Target all the muscles of the core, back, and back of the shoulders.  Please note:  You must use a light tube for this exercise!

  • Sit in a tall position with your spine straight (and abs in).
  • Start with your heels down, actively pressing heels into the floor.
  • Slowly raise your arms up and out to the side.
  • Hold position for 2-3 seconds, then slowly lower arms.
  • Repeat the arm position for up to one minute.
  • Don’t round your back!
  • If you want more of a challenge, lift your feet up. Only do this is you can stay tall and not round your back.

More workouts for travel coming soon, so stay tuned!  Are you planning any trips this summer?  We have a couple planned – one to Canada and one to Lake Chelan.  I love summer!  🙂

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


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    • Amazon and – just look for good quality handles like the one in the post. You’ll be more inclined to use them. The little skinny plastic handles suck. 🙂

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