A Pacific Northwest Weekend

It was a true Pacific Northwest weekend with the Fremont Fair, ferry rides, and a fun day at the park.  Here’s a few photos of how we spent our first days of summer…

Fremont Fair

Even though every major street was closed in Seattle this weekend (what a nightmare), we still managed to get to the Fremont Fair to people watch, have a couple drinks, and see some craziness. Special thanks to “Grandma” and “Grandpa” for watching the little guy that day.

Then yesterday, I picked up the little guy and headed to Gig Harbor by ferry…

Ferry 1

Someday, I would like to make the stop on Vashon Island for a bike ride or something like these guys…

Ferry 2

Next, it was time for a little adrenaline rush


A walk down to the water…


And some rock throwing…

Rock Throwin

 What a great weekend!  Did you have any outdoor adventures of your own?  Tell me about them!

6 thoughts on “A Pacific Northwest Weekend

  1. Looks like some beautiful days. I went walking on the half marathon course to familiarise myself with it. Took some nice photos of the water and sunshine, even though it’s winter here. Put it on my Facebook page, though technology’s not playing well this morning for me to give you a link, but look for Feeling Free Of Fat and you might find them 😉

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