A Water Bottle that Helps Save Lives!


Waterdotorg CamelBak Bottle

If Matt has one…

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Ben has one…


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Pierce has one…

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I have one…



Then you should get one too!  $10 from every water bottle supports Water.org.  Water.org brings safe water and sanitation to those in need.  Here’s the facts…


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In this day and age, everyone should have easy access to safe drinking water.  We need to help.  Make a difference! 

Amazon makes this easy to do, CLICK HERE to buy your bottle.  It’s made by CamelBak (we own so many of their bottles and hydration paks), it’s stainless steel and environmentally friendly (replaces up to 375 disposable bottles), filters tap water (reduces chlorine), has a spill-proof bite valve, and is guaranteed for life.

Find out more about Water.org by clicking here.  Safe water & the dignity of a toilet for all, in our lifetime.


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