Happy Running Day!

Today is National Running Day – be a part of the celebration!  Whether you are a seasoned runner or just starting out, get out there and participate.

Here’s workouts, motivation, and funnies to inspire you to move!

A 40 Minute Walk/Jog Interval Workout…

40 Min Walk Jog

A 60 Minute Run…

A 60 Minute Run

Everyone Can Make Time To Do Something Active Everyday…

Run 30 Minutes

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.”
Oprah Winfrey

Get Active!

Go run


Funnies (click photo for source)…

running quotes

running quotos 1

running quotes 2

run like you stole something


regret that run

Strengthen your heart, burn calories, and be active!

 I run… so I can eat cupcakes. Why do you run? Use #RunningDay and share on your social sites!


10 thoughts on “Happy Running Day!

  1. Coincidence, maybe? I was thinking what is the difference between jogging and running and I see there are some humorous things posted in here about it. Jogging can be high speed, couldn’t it? How to tell the difference. Sometimes I think I may be running because it’s way faster than my previous speed but then I see other people “jogging” and think then I’m still jogging.

    • Great question! There’s really not a big difference – they pretty much mean the same thing. Jogging is a little slower and bouncy, and running is longer strides and faster. I just say running is your faster speed. 🙂

    • Even just starting with repeating 1 min jog/4 min walk is a great way to start incorporating it into your routines. Jogging isn’t for everyone though, so speed walking the “jog” sections works too. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Natures Healing and commented:
    Did you know there was a Running Day?

    Get out there for a run today – love this tip for a build up in your time of jogging. I didn’t run today, not knowing about National Running Day (not sure if it is here in Australia, but it definitely is in the US), I ran yesterday – did my 6km run in 41 minutes, thought that was ok as it was the fastest I’ve done it so far – must be on track for my half marathon in 4 weeks!

    OMG – did someone say it’s only 4 weeks til I run a half marathon?? More training in the morning folks!

    Have a great National Running Day, whether you run or not

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