Running Up That Hill

Change up your fitness routine with hill training.  Walking, running, or biking hills is a great way to tweak your workouts and make them fresh and fun!

Hill Training  1

Hill Training 4

Hill Training Rules:

  • Start at a slower pace than normal and always be able to say at least 4 words without catching your breath.
  • Keep your eyes straight ahead.  Don’t tilt your head up or look down at your feet.
  • With elbows bent, swing arms and use more power as you swing back to help “push” you up the hill.
  • Only run downhill if you can do it with control.  You shouldn’t be pounding the pavement.  Stay light on your feet – otherwise, walk!

Need a hill to train on?  Try Lybecker DR NW in Gig Harbor.  It’s a quick one – but steep (1 mile roundtrip).

Hill Training

Hill Training 5

Hill Training 6

Hill Training 7

Foxglove and lupins are blooming now too!  Get Outside!!

Hill Training 3


11 thoughts on “Running Up That Hill

  1. Beautiful pictures! Great pointers, too. It’s hard not to look up! I always prefer winding hills because they conveniently disguise just how much further you have left.

    • Thanks RC, this is the way to do it! There is a busy hill right by my house that’s a challenge, but it’s not fun breathing in car fumes.

  2. Love this idea – we have a 20% gradient hill outside our door – so far I’ve been walking up it – maybe I’ll take a shot at running up it!!

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