How to Fight Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Fight Allergies

It’s that time of year where nature is coming back to life and you want to go enjoy the outdoors, but your allergies are killing you!  Don’t let watery eyes, stuffy noses, and sore throats ruin your fun activities.

I went to *Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy in Madison Park and talked to naturopathic doctor, Sarah O., to see if there are any natural remedies you can use to fight those allergy symptoms.  She was courteous, knowledgeable, and really took the time to answer all my questions.




Dr. Sarah O. gave some great alternatives to over-the-counter antihistamines.  Check them out below…

**Natural Remedies for Allergies:

  • Quercetin (derived from plant pigments and combined with bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple) mimics an antihistamine by helping to stabilize cells in the body that are causing allergic symptoms.  See more info here.
  • Allium Cepa (from onions) is a homeopathic medicine which comes in pellet form in a little tube to help treat symptoms of watery eyes and runny noses.  See more info here.
  • Apis Mellifica  (from the honey bee) is a homeopathic medicine (also in pellet form) to help treat symptoms of swelling and inflammation.  See more info here.
  • Allergena is a homeopathic remedy (in liquid form) for allergy relief from weeds, trees, and grasses. See more info here.

Avoid taking food an hour before and an hour after taking these homeopathic medicines.

It’s also important to think about the your living spaces:

  • Keep your house (and work space) clean.
  • Get new air filters.
  • Open windows if it’s a mold based allergy (cleaning with vinegar helps get rid of molds).
  • Expose furniture, rugs, and drapes to sunlight for at least an hour (this can kill up to 90% of dust mites).
  • Shower at night to clean off pollens and allergens your body may have collected from the day.
  • Wash your linens at least 1-2x per week.

What tips, tricks, or homeopathic remedies do you use to fight seasonal allergies?  Let us know!

*There are numerous Pharmaca locations in WA and in the US. You can check them out online here.

**Please contact your physician before starting any new medicines or supplements. Like all medicines, there may be specific side effects and precautions to note. Some of these homeopathic remedies are also not suitable for children.





6 thoughts on “How to Fight Seasonal Allergies Naturally

  1. These are great tips. I used to have really bad seasonal allergies. It was like having a head cold for weeks at a time. I stopped taking Claritin and started eating a much more natural diet and sticking with very anti-inflammatory/antioxidant rich foods and I am happy to say this year was a breeze! Awesome post.

  2. Love your tips here on seasonal allergies. By eating well and going natural in your way of managing them, you are putting a lot less synthetic chemicals into your system! Way to go!! I also use the homeopathic remedy Natrum muriaticum, mainly because of my violent sneezing – it settles it quite quickly – though always remember to check in with a qualified practitioner on which remedy best suits your particular symptoms as we’re all individuals and what works for one may not work for another 🙂

    • Dr. Sarah gave me all these great tips. Homeopathic remedies are new to me. What a great point, Sandra…u are putting less synthetic chemicals in your body when going the natural route. I’ll look into natrum muriaticum too. Thanks!

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