I Like Walks on the Beach…

Sunrise Beach 1

What things do you enjoy doing?  The key to fitness is finding activities you actually like to do.  Whether it’s walks on the beach or running a marathon, it’s gotta be something that brings you joy!

If it’s low tide, Sunrise Beach in Gig Harbor is a great place to go for that walk on the beach.  Walking on a softer surface, like sand, is more difficult than walking on a firm surface. This means you can burn more calories.  We tend to walk slower because of the soft uneven terrain, but you will still be getting the heart healthy benefits your body needs.

Sunrise Beach


Sunrise Beach 2


Sunrise Beach 3


Sunrise Beach 4


Sunrise Beach 5


Sunrise Beach 7

What’s your favorite beach to walk?


7 thoughts on “I Like Walks on the Beach…

  1. We don’t have beached in my neck of the woods, but I loved walking on Cocoa Beach, Florida. Fine white sand for miles and miles. My uncle and his family lived there when I was a child. Wonderful memories.

  2. Great pictures! They make me miss the beach. I love going for long walks on Cape Cod’s National seashore. It goes for miles and the dunes are incredible!

  3. Who doesn’t love walking on the beach? If you don’t enjoy it, then well you are weird. I cannot wait for the temps to heat up so that I can get my feet in the sand!

  4. At the moment, my favourite beach walk is on the Burleigh beach, on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia. Love it there! Thank you for the lovely photos

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