Eco-Friendly Fitness Gear

Happy Earth Day!  Here’s some eco-friendly finds from Amazon that cause little to no harm on the environment and help inspire fitness:

1.  Eco-Friendly, Organic Yoga Mat by MRS Fitness (Amazon) $40-$45 with various color options.

Earth Day

2.  Full Circle Day Tripper 20 Ounce Glass Beverage Bottle (Amazon) $15 with various color options.

Earth Day 1

3. Men’s Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 Running Shoe (Amazon) $72-$120 with color options.  Also available in women’s style.

Brooks BioMogo – the first-ever biodegradeable running shoe midsole;  non-toxic, natural additive to the midsole enables it to biodegrade 50x faster than other midsoles without changing the performance or useful life of the shoe.

Earth Day 4

4.  Women’s Brooks Trance 12 Running Shoe (Amazon) $95-$150 with color options.  Also available in Men’s styles.  Also with Brooks BioMogo material.

Earth Day 5

5.  Sprout Cork Strap Eco-Friendly Watch (Amazon) $33 with other colors available.

Earth Day 6

6.  Resource Revival Recycled Bicycle Chain Bracelet (Amazon) $12

Earth Day 7

7. Smith Optics Lowdown Slim Glasses (Amazon) $68-$100 Men’s styles of Smith Optics with *Evolve frame material also available.

*Evolve Frame Material: Incorporting the revolutionary, Rilsan#&174; Clear material into what has become the largest eco-friendly sunglass collection in the world. This material allows to create lightweight, durable frames, that are over 53% bio-based. Rilsan® Clear is derived from the renewable, non-genetically modified castor plant. Most importantly, this material is not petroleum based.

Earth Day 8

Don’t forget to get outside and take your #GlobalSelfie today for Earth Day!  I’ll be taking mine a little later today.  Song of the day to help remind you to take part…”Let Me Take a Selfie!”.  🙂

Update: Here’s my #GlobalSelfie before my run…


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