Agility Fitness Drill: 1 Foot Still

Agility training will help build your speed, quickness, and coordination for any activity you do. This means that all ages should be doing some sort of agility work, it’s not only for the young athletes. No gym required for this exercise, so you can be in the privacy of your own home! All you need is either tape, tubing, or chalk (if you are outside) and make the shape of a cross. Try this 4 square agility drill to train like an athlete and to burn extra calories.

1 Foot Still Drill

Four Square Drill:  1 Foot Still

Think of it as a light jog that is quick and athletic.  All you are doing is jogging right, left, right, left, but your left foot remains in the bottom left square (square 1) the entire time. Your right foot travels from squares 2,3,4,3 and 2 again.

1 Foot Still

Repeat sequence 10 times or 30 seconds, then stand in the bottom right square (square 2) and repeat with the left foot sequence (1,4,3,4,1).  Keep your hips facing forward and move your foot from square to square as fast as possible.

 Stay light on your feet and have fun!


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