Utah Road Trip!

We did decide to make the 18-hour drive to Utah for spring break. 18 hours of driving for 80 degree weather – I’ll take it!  We went to Arches National Park and saw The Balanced Rock…

Balanced Rock

This rock is the size of a house!  View from backside…

Balanced Rock 1

Hiked up to Delicate Arch…

Arches 2

Arches 3

Here’s the Double Arch…

Arches 1

and the North Window…


Camped in Moab at Goose Island for two of the nights…

Moab 2

Saw BASE jumpers jump off this cliff one early evening…


This paved trail goes right by the camp site and will take you to Arches.

Moab 3

Also biked at Dead Horse State Park (great family mountain bike trails)…

Dead Horse SP 3

View from trail…

Dead Horse SP 2

Dead Horse SP 1

Then had to check out Canyonlands National Park.  It is massive (and one of the quietest places in the US)…


There is a 15 minute walk to Mesa Arch – beware – it’s a scary cliff!

Canyonlands 1

Had to do one silly pic from Mesa Arch…

Canyonlands 2

When we were leaving Mesa Arch, there was one older guy (dumb*ss) that climbed on top of this arch and walked on it. So stupid, one strong wind or false step and your done. We did some research to see if any arches have fallen and there was one that fell in 2008 at Arches (at night though and no one was hurt).

We had a great trip, and I guess we brought the sun home with us too  – Yay!


10 thoughts on “Utah Road Trip!

  1. Too funny – we were going to drive home via Utah route and check out all the sites. But we had to detour to visit my sisters in Cali and did the coastal drive instead. So thanks for sharing! Feels like I got a little taste of what Utah is like from your pics. Miss you guys!

    • Thanks so much for your nice compliment. I’m never sure if I should include my little adventures in this blog, so thanks for the encouragement!

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