Hit the Trail!

Switch things up and take it off road! Here’s a new trail workout and location to keep things fresh and fun.  Burn calories, tone up, and enjoy the great outdoors!!

*The Workout:

Trail Run Workout

The Exercises:

Trail Run Workout 1

  1. Squats:  Keep your weight on your heels and push your butt back.
  2. Pushups on a log (or bench):  Abs in, chest open, body in a straight line. Legs can be wider to make easier or perform pushups from a higher surface. Increase difficulty by lifting one leg up.
  3. Butt Kickers on a log (side to side):  Kick your butt each time you jump up.

Trail Running Rules:

  • Run cautiously (at a moderate pace).
  • Wear trail running shoes (they have better traction).
  • Dress in layers.
  • Stay on the trails.
  • Be aware of bears and other wildlife (they are back again and have been seen).

The Location:

Red Town Trail

The first part of the trail isn’t that pretty (see top picture in trail run exercises), but it’s a perfect trail for running and it’s convenient (if you live close to Seattle).  The trail is about 3 miles, but you can connect to other trails to make longer.

Red Town Trail 1

I never realized that Coal Creek actually had coal (duh)…

Red Town Trail 3


Red Town Trail 2

Red Town Trail 4

Directions from I-90:

  • Take Exit 13 (Lakemont Blvd)
  • Head South towards Coal Creek.
  • Once you start heading downhill, look for the parking lot (which holds about 20 cars) on the east side of the street (the road will start making a hard right). It will have a sign that says Cougar Mountain Trailhead.


*For less impact, you can always walk instead of run. Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.



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