First Signs of Spring!

Hallelujah, the first signs of spring are here!  If this doesn’t brighten your day…I don’t know what will!!

First Signs of Spring

First Signs of Spring 2

First Signs of Spring 4

First Signs of Spring 5

First Signs of Spring 3

First Signs of Spring 1

Dust off the camera, and go for a walk this weekend.  Walking 20 minutes at a *medium pace will burn approximately 100 calories. You’ll also…

  • get pretty shots for your screensaver
  • boost your energy level
  • increase your heart health
  • increase your endorphins (your stress relievers or “happy” hormones)
  • decrease your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, & diabetes
  • help strengthen your bones (helps prevent osteoporosis)

Have a great weekend and happy walking!

*A medium pace for the average fitness level is about 3.0 miles per hour.  Please consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


15 thoughts on “First Signs of Spring!

  1. So wonderful to see these kinds of spring flowers arriving…so soon after all that cold weather we had been living with….even though I am pretty sure mother nature isn’t quite ready to give up winter…(Wow! Almost forgot about Daylight Savings time starting this Sunday)

  2. I saw a bit of color in London, a few bursting green buds, early shoots of crocus, but now have returned to the white world of northern VT. Thanks for the reminder that it is indeed coming here too!! xxoo

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