A Gorgeous Family Hike

Snoqualmie Falls is one of the most beautiful places you can visit.  It’s located about 30 minutes east of Seattle.  The best part is that there is no hike to actually see the falls.  I only say this for people with disabilities who can’t physically do the 1.5ish mile hike.  The header photo is what you see at the start of the hike and Snoqualmie Lodge is right there (top left corner of photo) so you can grab a bite to eat or stay the night and have a massage.

I know I’ve done a prior post on this place, but they just opened the hike again this past fall/winter after being closed for a few years.

For some, 1.5 miles is a joke to be considered a hike, but the views make it so worth it!  The short distance makes it perfect for little hikers as well.  You are traveling down to the boardwalk to see the bottom of the falls.

Now time for the pictures, but really this doesn’t count as seeing it.  You have to go and be a part of it for yourself.

Snoqualmie Falls Hike 2

Me at Snoqualmie Falls Hike

Snoqualmie Falls Nursing Log

Notice that nursing log pictured above? So cool, and there were plenty more of those along the trail. As you travel down the trail, you have to look up at all the moss-covered trees.

Snoqualmie Falls Hike Tree

Snoqualmie Falls 7

Snoqualmie Falls Hike 8

By the way, the photo of me was taken by this little photographer below…


Are you planning any hiking adventures of your own this weekend?


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