Fitness DVD Review: Release

Patrick Goudeau is one of my absolute favorite fitness trainers of all time.  I own so many of his DVDs.  If you don’t know who he is and you are a home exerciser, you are missing out!  You can find out more about him through his website here.  He has started featuring other fitness experts in his DVD series, “Patrick Goudeau presents”.  The most recent workout is called “Release” with yoga therapist, Erin Kirk.

Front Cover:

Release 1

Back cover:

Release 2

I was pretty confident I was going to enjoy this workout if Patrick was willing to put his name on it – and I was right!   The full practice is 58 minutes long, but you can easily break it down if you are short on time.  You can pick one practice or mix and match to fit your needs.

The release segments are as follows:

  • Dynamic Warm up
  • Starfish Sun Salute
  • Floating Moon Balance
  • Eagle’s Flight Balance
  • Wing Opener (one of my favorites)
  • Core Power
  • Hip Opener
  • Letting Go
  • Final Release

Don’t they all just sound inviting?!  I would consider this an intermediate level practice, but she is great about showing options – beginner and advanced to fit your needs.  I also love that each person in the DVD was at a different level so that you could see how they all looked when performing the moves.  Check out some of the pictures I took of my tv screen…

Release 3

She instructs by mirroring you.  More yoga instructors should take note of this when making their DVDs!   When she says left arm, she’s actually using her right, but when you look at the screen you won’t get confused on which side you should be doing.  She is a fabulous teacher.  Listen to her cues, because they will help keep you safe and free from injury.

I always try to find a negative in each DVD I review, so this is it…I’m not a fan of the music selection and I don’t know what to call it – maybe Bhakti-pop?  Music is personal though.  For yoga, I like chill/downbeat or nature sounds, but that’s me.

I love that you can take a class from world-known instructors right from the privacy of your own home.  I have done this workout practice many times already.  I know I will keep it in my rotation for days that I’m not teaching my own group fitness classes.

You can buy a copy through Amazon for $20.


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