Heading to the Snow!

Since we only saw the snow for a day at sea level, we will be heading to the mountains for a few days (now that they are FINALLY getting some)!  We are suppose to have Wi-Fi, so I should still be in touch.  🙂


Photo courtesy of Don Shultz


4 thoughts on “Heading to the Snow!

  1. That was your Daddy’s first Ski Buggy…and my first 1962 VW Ragtop. Wow! Forgot about those old Head Skis with the Bear Claw bindings. That ol’ Bug made soooo many trips to Mt Hood weekends and Government Camp (We called it Hamilton Hill because for $10.00 we could buy a night ticket and enough gas $$$ for Thursday night skiing.) Hard to believe in those days we could buy a lift ticket, and a tank of gas for less than $20.00 with change left over for a Snickers candy bar for lunch.
    Time flies when you are havin’ fun skiing….only thing left for me now is…”The memories!LOL!

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