Winter Olympics Workout

Get into the Olympic spirit with this total body home *workout!

1.  Cross Country Ski: Scissor legs and pump arms for 1 minute. Stay light on your feet.

2.  Bobsled Run: Push into the wall while running in place for 1 minute. Try to push that wall down!

3.  Curling Lunge (aka Straight Leg Lunge): Go into a reverse lunge with your back leg straight. Simultaneously Reach out forward as far as possible, keeping your chest open. Return to a standing position. Repeat lunge 30 seconds on one leg; switch lead leg.

4.  Mini Mogul Jumps: With your legs at a 45 degree angle, perform mini jumps twisting side to side for 1 minute. Keep your upper body facing forward and stay light on your feet.

5. Figure Skating Arabesque: Hold position for 30 seconds; switch legs. Try looking forward, back, and even switch arm positions to challenge your balance.

Winter Olympics Workout

6. BOSU or Box Speed Skaters: Keep most your weight on top of the BOSU or box with one hand at your lower back. Quickly switch legs – tapping down side to side while swinging your opposite arm for 1 minute. Switch arms and repeat for an additional minute.

7.  BOSU Hockey Tap Outs: Balance on top of a BOSU, balance pad, or even a pillow while holding a hockey stick or bar. Tap your foot down to the side while reaching the stick or end of the bar out in front of you. Return to an upright position and repeat for 30 seconds; switch legs.

8. BOSU Luge: Balance in a supine position over the BOSU and hold for up to one minute. Focus on your breath. To make harder, rock side to side with control.

9.  BOSU Skeleton: Balance in a prone position over the BOSU and hold for up to one minute. Focus on breathing.

10.  Snowboard Squats: As you perform a squat, twist your torso and grab your foot or the step platform. Twist to the right 30 seconds, then switch to the left.

Always keep your abdominals contracted, chest lifted, and shoulders retracted and depressed with all exercises.

Most important…have fun with it!

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


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