Fitness DVD Review: Six 10-Minute On-the-GO Workouts

Fitness guru, Tamilee Webb became known for her “Buns of Steel” workouts in 80’s and 90’s. Well, she is still going strong! Here’s one of her latest releases from last year.



Even though the workout itself only features her, they sadly put another model on the cover hoping to sell more copies, I think. So lame – she still looks so amazing!


If she just didn’t wear those leg warmers!

Anyway, if you have 10 spare minutes in your day, then you do have time to workout. These workouts are short, sweet, and to the point. Do one or do them all. Your choices are :

  1. Buns and Thighs (my favorite)
  2. No Nonsense Cardio
  3. Abs to the Core
  4. Arms and Shoulders
  5. Super Abs
  6. Total Body Rocks

There are also two bonus workouts included, so you actually get eight 10-minute workouts.

It’s definitely with the price – I bought my copy at Amazon here for less than $5!

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