Fitness DVD Review: Yoga in Greece



Shiva Rea: Yoga in Greece is her latest vinyasa flow DVD.  This is my first Shiva Rea DVD.  She’s been on my radar for awhile, but I haven’t purchased any of her DVDs in the past because of her voice.  For me, she seems a little out there and like she doesn’t use her “real” voice to narrate.  That tends to drive me crazy – just talk normal!

I’ve been using this DVD for about month now and have done all the workouts.  It has taken me about 4 practices to get past her narration to realize she is amazing!  This will really help bring my own practices to the next level.

There’s meditations, lunar and solar flow practices, and a relaxation that you can mix and match to create your own personal workout.  All these choices below are on this yoga DVD:
The DVD quality is great and her choice of location is freaking amazing!  Note: I took pictures of my tv, so the picture samples of the workouts shown on here aren’t as good of quality.

My favorite practices are the solar backbending (which really opens up the chest, shoulders, and hips), the earth-water vinyasa (which opens the side of the body), and solar core (a great practice for core cross-training).  The solar sun salutations practice is TOUGH!   At about salutation #15 I was thinking, “How many of these are we going to do?!”.  Well, you end up doing 25 sun salutations in 20 minutes.  For me, that’s a lot in a short amount of time.  I’m not the natural yogi!

My least favorites are the earth vinyasa and moon salutations, but I’m still open to it and my views on these practices may change in the future.

I would consider this DVD a true intermediate yoga practice with some advanced options. Beginners can do some of it, but I would steer a beginner towards another yoga style first.  Shiva gives really great cues and options for intensity levels.

She will stay in my weekly yoga routine and I look forward to purchasing more of her yoga DVDs in the future.  You can purchase your copy from Amazon for about $12 here.


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