Free Workouts: Public Stairs

Climbing stairs is a great form of cardio and leg strengthening.  You can go to Public Stairs to see if there are any longer sets near you.  They have over 100 listed in the greater Seattle area alone.  These stairs are public, which means there’s no monthly gym payment required!

*Warning:  The biggest mistake people make is doing too much too soon.  Stairs work all the muscles of your legs. Even if you are fit, climbing stairs challenges your muscles differently than using a stair climber at the gym.  You tend to overwork your thighs and calves if you aren’t use to it.  It’s best to make a long lap using the stairs as a small part of your route.

For those of you who live near the Issaquah Highlands, here’s a stair workout you can try this weekend.


This new set of stairs (I counted 142 – and your welcome) is located directly behind Home Goods, Marshalls, and Dick’s Sporting Goods on 10th Ave NE.  You will make a huge lap starting up the stairs, turning right (south) along path. Path turns into a future development, head straight (north) and down hill to NE Falls Dr. Turn left (west) and head to the water reservoir.  Turn right (north), going around water reservoir and head back to the stairs (south) for a 1.09 mile lap.


For your first round, walk up the stairs at a slower pace either climbing every step or every other step.  When you are finished, don’t forget to stretch those muscles!

See my other post on different ways to climb stairs below:

Climb Stairs for a Tight Tush

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


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