Give the Gift of Fitness: Yoga


Here’s a few affordable and unique ideas for the yogis in your life this holiday season (or things to add to your own wishlist).

1.  Stick-e Gloves & Socks


It’s no secret that I love toe socks for yoga and pilates.  I feel like you have more grip than you would barefoot.  So, I thought I would give Stick-e brand a try.  I like the idea of just a flat piece of tacky material (rather than dots of the Toe Sox).

I went out on a limb and bought the gloves and socks together – not really expecting much from the gloves.  I’ll tell you, I love the gloves just as much as the socks!  Wow, they are both so grippy – it’s awesome!  Standing wide angle forward bend, downward dog w/ twists, and side planks are a breeze now (well, almost).

If you aren’t sure on your size, I say to size down.  You don’t want your feet or hands to be sliding around inside your socks or gloves.


I machine wash them, but try to remember to air dry them when possible.  They have gone through the dryer once though and still look great.

My only complaint is that I want more colors!  I like to match whatever fitness pants I’m wearing, so was hoping for a grey choice as well.   There is a more neutral “skin” color and a toeless sock version to choose from also.

Give them a try!  You’ll feel more stable with your poses which will help you enjoy your practices that much more.


Click HERE to get 15% off your purchase of Stick-e Toe Socks & Gloves (and other yoga accessories) at Stick-e using the discount code:  Joy 

I purchased my own Stick-e socks & gloves & contacted Stick-e to get this holiday deal to you!

2.  Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Your Week DVD


Rodney’s new workout is here!  I own most of his yoga DVDs and  I purchased my copy from Amazon for about $14.

It’s different than his other routines – much more flowy (Vinyasa) and it actually does have some advanced level sections as well.  Most of the dvd is for the intermediate exerciser.  It’s another great workout because there are 5 workouts on one DVD!  I love that!! You can put a few together or just do one depending on how much time you have.

Here’s pictures of the exercises below.  I shot photos of the tv screen, so the DVD quality is perfect in person.  But this way, you’ll get an idea of what it looks like…

3.  Jill Miller DVDs

Jill Miller is amazing, but I consider her more like a physical therapy session rather than yoga.  I’ve always been a fan of physical therapy and much of my continuing education for fitness training is rehabilitation. If you have the right therapist or trainer, it can do wonders for you.  It is so important to focus on your muscle imbalances and weaknesses (which we all have), and not just when you are injured.  These DVDs will help keep you injury free.

Quickfix Rx Upper Body



This workout focuses on the upper body and is for all fitness levels.  You will need a yoga mat, strap, yoga blocks, and the therapy balls she has (you get a 10% off discount inside the DVD) or just use tennis balls. My favorite (and most needed) sections are the neck and upper back. You can either do a 5 or a 10 minute routine for each body part.

Here’s some exercise examples (DVD is a great quality production – these are my pics from tv):


You will feel more open, loose and relaxed!  Note: There is also a lower body Quickfix DVD available as well. I purchased my copy from Amazon for $11.


Coregeous is Jill’s version of a core workout.  It isn’t like anything else I have ever tried – and you should see all the core dvds I own!  Beginners should watch the specialty sequences first and stick with the core-reform section only to start with.



You will need therapy balls (or tennis balls) for this DVD.

I couldn’t believe how much I was shaking from some of these exercises.  You won’t necessarily feel the “burn”, but you will feel your muscle weaknesses and you quickly realize you need to be doing these exercises on a regular basis.  Wow, it’s good!

Here’s some of the exercises below:


I purchased both of Jill’s workouts off of Amazon for $13.

For less than $20, you can give the gift of fitness to someone special in your life.  All these items will fit great in a Christmas stocking too.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Give the Gift of Fitness: Yoga

  1. I am sooo. Buying Jill Miller DVD…I know the benefits of yoga–esp the yoga moves that are similar to Pilates. Maybe I will hint my hubby to get me both of her DVDs for Christmas. He would!

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