Bundle up and Go for a Walk!

You need to stay active this holiday season.  No excuses!

Take just twenty minutes out of the day for you.  Go walk your neighborhood and check out the holiday décor.  Bundle up – it’s cold out there!


Walking is a low impact cardiovascular activity that will boost metabolism, burn calories, and you’ll get some much needed fresh air.  Have your kid(s) ride a razor or something too!


8 thoughts on “Bundle up and Go for a Walk!

  1. Joy, we were just thinking about you and you popped up! Small world here on WordPress! Question: When it’s chilly out, getting outside to “bundle up” can be a daunting task, especially when the sofa and tv are calling your name, but let’s say we’re going to give this a try… How “bundled up” would one need to be to stay at a comfortable temp?

    • Hi TDL!

      Well, there are variables (how cold, wind chill, etc.), but my quick answer is 3 layers. Base layer that wicks away moisture, a warm layer (sweater, sweatshirt, performance top), then your “protective” layer (coat). Hat and gloves are a must! You can always strip clothes off, if needed.

      BTW, I love your accessories. Hoping to get my myself a couple Christmas presents soon if budget allows. 😉

      • JOY! Thank you SO much for the 3 layer rule! We’ll be “applying” them this holiday season while whisking away calorie laden meal consumption!

        We’re so glad you like our jewels! You’ll receive free shipping since you’re in the U.S. and we’re going to include a little gift just because you’re a JOY!

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