Lighten Up, America!


Cooking Light has a new cookbook, Lighten Up, America! This book is full of recipes that are classic American favorites made lighter in calories and fat.  Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sides, appetizers, drinks, and desserts are all covered here!

I bought this cookbook about three weeks ago from Amazon and have tried the peach gorgonzola chicken pizza (with a balsamic glaze), penne with vodka cream sauce, grilled jalepeno poppers, sour cream and onion potato chips, apple crisp, and the chocolate-peanut butter bars. Every recipe has the nutrition facts breakdown included.

I’ve never tried peaches with gorganzola before. This pizza recipe would be perfect on a summer night. If that doesn’t sound good to you, there’s also margherita, prosciutto and parmesan, roasted beet and goat cheese, and even more pizzas to choose from.

The penne with vodka cream sauce was good, but I added more red pepper flakes to the recipe. I like the fact that you can disguise onions and tomatoes by blending them and your family doesn’t know that they are eating veggies. Yay!

The pictures in the cookbook are beautiful and much better quality than the photos of my meals pictured here below, but here’s proof I made them…


I made the grilled jalepeno poppers for a holiday party this weekend. This was my favorite recipe so far. Since I still had the ingredients for the cheese filling, I tried this recipe with some left over poblanos last night. Stick with the jalapeno peppers, it is so good with that spicy kick!

The sour cream and onion chips are quick and easy – slicing potatoes and microwaving them.  Wow! You realize how quickly you eat a full potato, but at least this one isn’t fried.  For me, microwaves are tricky.

The chocolate-peanut butter bars were yummy and no one would ever know they are reduced fat and calories.

The apple crisp is simply awesome!  Easy to make and a perfect sweet treat. I personally think you could cut the sugar down even more than they already have without anyone knowing the difference. I will make this again, probably this week.

This would make a fun gift for the holidays. There are other recipes like brisket burgers, barbeque pork ribs, and oven-fried fish sticks – all with less calories and fat than the original recipe.


If you would like a chance to win your own copy of Cooking Light | Lighten Up, America courtesy of Cooking Light all you have to do is leave a comment on this post! Maybe tell us what your favorite food is. This giveaway is for U.S. readers only (ages 18 and up) and one winner will be chosen at random this Friday, December 13th, 2013.

I purchased my own copy of Lighten Up, America on Amazon HERE and reached out to Cooking Light to offer this cookbook giveaway to you!  Thank you, Cooking Light!!


9 thoughts on “Lighten Up, America!

  1. I CANNOT tell you what my favorite food is…. I don’t honestly have one..I just like food in general. I just really really really like food!! I can’t pick just one favorite! But my favorite TYPE of food is probably Italian.

  2. Glad to see so many new and healthy cookbooks are on the market! I would be interested in all their vegetarian dishes 🙂 my favorite food is sweet potatoes haha in any shape or form. Then probably oatmeal 😉

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