Give the Gift of Fitness: Like TRX?


If you like TRX, but don’t want to pay $180 for a suspension trainer, then you should seriously consider the WOSS Trainer.  I originally found it off of Amazon while scrolling through the fitness equipment.  What stopped me in my tracks was a $30 price tag and tons of 5 star reviews.  I knew I had to try this thing!

When you go to the WOSS website, there are different kits depending on your needs.  There are also tons of different color options. I just needed a basic one that I can loop around and attach to the playground equipment across the street, so I purchased the Military 1in Trainer .   You can also buy the wall mounts from WOSS to obviously attach it to the wall or just close it in a door if you need it to be more portable.

There’s no fancy packaging, but it is a neatly packaged trainer with a set of directions that are really easy to follow.


Note:  The directions and exercise sheet are bright and clear in person.


And here’s the intermediate (to advanced) level exercises that come with it…

This is a quality trainer.  The handles are comfortable, it’s easy to adjust, and you aren’t paying for the TRX name  (sorry TRX, your too expensive for the home exerciser).

It’s been crazy cold in Seattle (we aren’t used to 20 – 30 degree weather), so I have done 3 indoor workouts and attached it to the front door.  I like it for the “bootcamp” style exercises shown above, and also for pilates, core stability, and flexibility.

Here’s a couple more core exercises below:


Being a fitness trainer, I always have to talk a little about safety.  So, here it goes…

You do need to have a base level of strength before attempting to use a suspension trainer. It challenges your whole body – down to your core stabilizers.  With the standing exercises, always start from a higher-angled position (such as the 1 Leg Balance exercise above).  You must keep your abdominals pulled in, chest open, and shoulders retracted and depressed with each exercise.  This is extremely important!  Do each exercise slow and with control.  You also need to have a bit of room if you are going to use it in a door.  Make sure your door closes securely and work from the closed side (so it doesn’t open on you during an exercise).

I like this trainer because it’s another tool for the toolbox to keep your workouts fresh and interesting.  What a great gift for your fitness-loving family & friends!

*If you go to WOSS Enterprises, you will receive 10% off your total purchase using the code:  JoyStyleX09

Discount code good through December 31st!

*I purchased my own suspension trainer and contacted WOSS to get the 10% discount code to you guys for the holidays. Try it out, it’s awesome!


4 thoughts on “Give the Gift of Fitness: Like TRX?

  1. TRX is expensive! I’ve wanted one for a long time. I thought about making my own for training clients because I love suspension training. I’m a very minimalist training and love using one’s own body weight to get fit. Thanks for sharing this, I’m looking into this company for sure!

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