Trail Run Fun!

*Need a new idea for a trail run workout?


After your slower paced warm up, take it to a moderate paced run (*see beginner notes below).  End each minute with a few vertical jumps in place.  Jump as high as you can, but land as soft as you can to absorb the shock.  You may only get out 3-5 jumps, but you will definitely feel this by the end!   If you don’t want to jump, go down to a squat and as you stand up – lift up onto your toes reaching towards the sky.

This will not only build strength, but it will lean you out!

If your legs have had enough, then end your workout there and stretch.  Otherwise, add these 3 exercises below after your cardio session.


Perform anywhere from 12- 24 repetitions of 2-3 sets of each exercise.

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.  If you are just starting out with your physical fitness, perform this workout as a walk, do a squat-to-toe-raise instead of vertical jumps, and only do 1 set of 12 for the last 3 exercises.  Consult a local certified personal trainer if you need help with your form.

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