Over the Hill?

Is 40 officially over the hill?


As a fitness trainer and group fitness instructor for over 20 years, I’ve been blessed to have met some amazing people in my life.  Even though my job is to guide people to be more active, many have shown me what it means to be truly healthy.  It’s simply living life to the fullest.


A few clients come to mind, but one in particular really changed my views on age and health. She grew up on a small island in the San Juans.  She would have to kayak to the main island to get her family’s mail everyday. Her active lifestyle never changed throughout her life.

When I was training her about ten years ago, she was in her 70’s.  She walked everywhere and her workouts eventually got more difficult than the workouts I had my 20 yr old students do in my physical education classes.  Seriously – move it, or lose it.

I lost contact with her after moving and having my son, but I still think about her and the others who have and continue to inspired me.



Physical health is only a small part of the equation for improving your quality of life. Spiritual (the most important component), emotional, environmental, social, mental, and occupational health can’t be overlooked. You are as strong as your weakest link.

As I turn 40 this week, I think I’m still climbing this hill.

Photos were taken at the Smith Tower (built in 1914) in cloudy Seattle this past weekend.


18 thoughts on “Over the Hill?

  1. I’m 43 and don’t feel like my age at all. My metabolic weight is 35 (still!) and even with a busy lifestyle of errands, etc. I still have time for fun! Fun, family and education are my top three values and as long as I have these 3, everything else that used to bother me slips off my shoulders.

  2. Ove your post Joy and Happy Birthday!!!. Your post about the lady you spoke of inspires me too and youalso inspire me in so many ways. xoxoxoxoxox

  3. 40? phffft! yer still a kid! Age means many different things to people. I know I mentally aged ( and matured) when my wife was seriously ill. But those years also brought my spiritual life into good alignment. After she overcame her illness I took my fitness to a whole new level and at 55 I’m leading the cardio session of Muay Thai classes. I can still push most of the ‘kids’ to their limit. Over the hill? You’ve just started the climb sweet-pea…

    • Age does mean different things. Every experience I’ve had – good and bad- I don’t regret, because I too gained something from it. Of course you are leading the cardio session of your Muay Thai classes, you are a true leader! 🙂

      • “To follow the path of the martial arts is like climbing a cliff that never ends.” Masutatsu Oyama. While you may not be into martial arts so much…you are running up that hill with grace and style!!

  4. Hey, same age! I turn 40 in 4 weeks time.
    Certainly not over the hill, or at least, I hope not, as I’m embarking on a career change that takes me INTO the health and fitness industry.
    I reckon we should aim to keep it going for another 40 years!

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