Give the Gift of Fitness: Suddora

My son did his first 5k (well, more like 2.5k) race on Thanksgiving morning, the Issaquah Turkey Trot.



We had perfect weather and it was fun to see people dressed in their tutus and turkey hats.  I have to say, these two below were my absolute favorite!


I’m more about keeping warm than dressing up (boring – I know).  *I also got to try out my Zipper Wristband Sweatband courtesy of Suddora.


What a perfect running accessory for races!  It was nice to be able to zip my lipgloss and have it on hand.  It could also easily fit a car key  (for the months you aren’t wearing jackets).   Some sweatbands/wristbands are really itchy, but that’s not the case here.  I could barely tell I had it on, it was soft, and I got to use it instead of my jacket sleeve to wipe off sweat!

Suddora also carries a selection of headbands like this one below (great for a trail run)…


and regular non-zippered wristbands like this one (perfect for spinning)…


*These would make perfect little stocking stuffers!

Go to Suddora by clicking here to get 10% off your purchase with the discount code:  JOYFIT10OFF 


Giveaway:  If you would like a chance to win yourself one Suddora Zipper Sweatband Wristband (to my U.S. readers only):

  1. Go to Suddora by clicking here to check out the colors.
  2. Then comment below on the color you would like and what activities you would wear it for.

One winner will be chosen at random this Friday, December 6th.

*Disclaimer:  I did receive the sweatbands courtesy of Suddora.  If I didn’t like their product, I would tell you. I also wouldn’t waste my time with a discount code or giveaway of their product.


4 thoughts on “Give the Gift of Fitness: Suddora

  1. Greetings.nice post. I like the black and would use it for precisely same uses. Key or lip chap storage while exercising. Mainly on those days where my clothing has no pockets 😦

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