Give the Gift of Fitness: Barre Breakthru


This month I will be giving you plenty of ideas for giving the gift of fitness, health, and wellness to others (or just keeping it for yourself).

Let’s kick things off with Barre Breakthru with Jennifer Galardi.



This fitness DVD is a fun, effective, and balanced workout.  Jennifer’s cueing is precise so that you will not only get the most out of your workouts, but she’ll help keep you safe from injuries. She’s real, has great energy, and will kick your booty!

I would consider this an intermediate level workout, but she does have a modifier and an advanced model to show different intensity levels.  The whole workout is 70 minutes in length, but you could easily break the workout into two separate sessions.  Do the cardio section one day (with the warm up and stretch) and just the toning section another day (with the warm up and stretch).  You will need a chair, light dumbbells, and a yoga block.

Here’s a few examples of the exercises you will find on this barre workout:


Barre/ballet workouts do not come natural to me. Because of this, I need to have a mirror in front of me. If you are the same way, some of the moves may feel “easy” until you see yourself in the mirror and realize you aren’t going as low as Jennifer or not extending the your spine enough, etc.  My legs were burning!  Really listen to her cues.

She also does burpees a different and graceful way too.  If burpees intimidate you, you can always just drop your hands down to the seat of the chair instead of all the way down to the floor.  Take baby steps.

*Go to livWhole and use this special 10% discount code: JOY to get this DVD ( discount code expires Dec 7th).  Click here to take you to livWhole.  A perfect gift for a friend or loved one!

I own a few of Jennifer’s DVDs, and she stays in my personal fitness rotation.  Trust me, she’s one of the best and you’ll love this workout!

*Disclaimer: I purchased my own copy of Barre Breakthru and reached out to livWhole to offer my readers a discount because this workout gets my stamp of approval.


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