Lean Out with This Core Workout!


*Try this core workout that will help build lean, long muscles.  Perfect form is a must with abdominals pulled in, chest open, and shoulders pulled back and down away from the ears.


Plank with Glute Lift:  From a plank position, bend your right knee.  Pull your right knee in towards your chest while keeping your back straight, then extend it back without arching your back. Repeat right leg for 30 seconds, then switch.  Stay strong!

Side Plank with Rotation:  From a side plank position, rotate top elbow towards ground, then up towards the sky.  Keep trying to make the rotation bigger while staying stable through your core.  Repeat motion for 30 seconds; switch sides.  Keep your bottom shoulder strong and stable (away from your ear) and lift that bottom rib cage up.

V Sit with Arm Raises:  From a V sit position, raise straight arms overhead and lower back to chest level.   Repeat motion for 45 seconds.  Don’t round your spine; stay tall.  Make easier by having your feet on the ground or position body in a more upright position.

Crunch & Twist:  From a crunch position, rotate ribs towards the right.  Rotate back to the center, then lower chest down.  Alternating sides for one minute. Make harder by raising one or both feet an inch off the floor – only an inch.

Corkscrew:  Trace the shape of an oval with your feet; alternating directions for 45 seconds.  To make this exercise harder, trace bigger ovals.  Don’t let your hips rock side to side.  Stay strong with abs pulled in 100%.

Side Crunch:  Reach towards one foot by pulling your rib cage towards your hip.  Repeat action to one side for 30 seconds; switch sides.

Swimming (arms only):  From a prone position, extend legs out strong. Alternate straight arm raises overhead for 45 seconds.  Keep the motion smooth and controlled with your shoulders down away from the ears and neck long.  Don’t let your body rock side to side.

Repeat all exercises 2-4 times (depending on your fitness level).

Need a little more of a challenge? Add 1-2 minutes of Clock Burpees to the workout!


Clock Burpees: 

  1. Crouch down.
  2. Jump back to plank (at 6 o’clock).
  3. Perform a push up.
  4. Push off legs to a crouch.
  5. Perform a tuck jump (you can bring arms overhead for variety).
  6. Crouch down.
  7. Jump back to 5, 7, 4, 8, 3, or 9 o’clock after your crouch (performing a push up in each position).
  8. Repeat sequence for up to 2 minutes.
  9. Then jump for joy!  Yay, you did it!!

Now Stretch!

Cobra:  Lie on your stomach (prone) with your abs in and chest open with your hands by your chest.  Reach your legs long and slowly raise your up, extending the spine.  Keep pressing your shoulders down.  Breath and hold position for 30 seconds.

Child’s Pose:  From a kneeling position, cascade upper body over your legs and relax your body.  Your back is broad and your abs are relaxed.  You are able to breath comfortably.  Hold position for 1-2 minutes.

Spinal Rotation:  Lie on your back with your knees bent.  Slowly drop your knees over to the right and look towards the left.  Breath and hold position for 1 minute; switch sides.  Don’t jam your spine.

I hope you all survived the wind (Seattle), and make it an active week!

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


4 thoughts on “Lean Out with This Core Workout!

  1. The wind was crazy crazy here in the suburbs of Seattle. We had a tree fall on a few houses next door. I love your outdoor workout! Even though it is cold, doing exercises outside still can happen. 🙂

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