Running in the Night


The Black Cat Fun Run was this past Saturday evening down in Tacoma at Point Defiance.

This race was on a much smaller scale than we are use to, maybe 1000 people.  Many runners dressed up in cute outfits hoping to win the costume contest that was at the beginning.  Stacy, Lisa, and I wore our black and orange and had neon necklances wrapped around our legs, but we were more concerned about staying warm than dressing the part. I can’t complain, at least it wasn’t raining!


Once the race started and we were on the 5 mile loop, it was pitch black!  Luckily, we all received running hats with LED lights on them (instead of traditional t shirts).  If you didn’t wear one, I don’t know how you would see the ground.  They did have a follow-the-glow-sticks path to follow, but again, it was pitch black!  Future participants, wear the hats or bring flashlights – it’s not worth a sprained ankle.

I will say, it was fun hanging with friends and doing something active!

Here’s a Halloween 5K workout for you this week…


Check out my post here for this weekend’s (Seattle area) Halloween fun runs.


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