Leg Strengthening Exercises for Hikers and Backpackers

Click picture to take you to Seattle Backpackers Magazine for my latest post on building leg strength for hiking and backpacking.


Seattle Backpackers Magazine | The Place To Go When You Can’t Go Backpacking


7 thoughts on “Leg Strengthening Exercises for Hikers and Backpackers

  1. Hi! I was wondering…how many running shoes do you go through in a year? I ask because I recall in one of your posts from last year, the running shoes were sort of fluorescent colour.

    I am not surprised that you probably buy 2-3 times a year – if that’s the case. Just wondering. My chiropodist tells me to buy new running shoes once a year especially when I’m active as I have been since last year.

    It’s still strange for me to say that I’m physically active esp. since it’s a new thing for me. Over a year now with this new excellent habit.

    Love protein bars, by the way and lately I’ve been eating a lot of them – not to worry since those days I walk faster than usual. Don’t want all that sugar to remain in my blood! One time my body was itching. I think it’s because of the sugar – and sugar is a pro-inflammatory “ingredient”. Well…it’s not food, that’s for sure.

    Anyway, I’m going to read this post of yours.

    • I’m a trainer/group exercise instructor, so I go through shoes more quickly than the average person.

      I actually think for as active as you are, you need to replace your shoes every three to four months. It’s not great on the wallet, I know. Shoes break down quicker than you think. If you notice more aches and pains, usually means it’s about time for a new pair.

      • I appreciate the suggestion. And you’re right about the pain. Even with Dr. Scholl’s soles, which last 3-4 weeks, the running shoes feel “thinner” even if they don’t look worn out much. So, to be on the safe side, I’ll be replacing every 4 months. Thank you!

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