Adrenaline Rush


Chamber’s Bay Regional Park in Tacoma is such a fun and beautiful place to be active.  Check out all the trails here.

Make sure you take the passenger bridge over the train tracks to get to the beach.  Hopefully a train will be there when you go over it like it was for us. Check it out below…

This video doesn’t do it justice – experience it for yourself!

To get there from Seattle:

  • Take I-5 South to S. 56th St. West (EXIT 130).
  • Take the Tacoma Mall Blvd. ramp toward S. 56th St. West
  • Turn Left on Tacoma Mall Blvd.
  • Then right onto S. 56th St. stay on 56th St. West for approx. 3mi. when 56th St. West becomes Cirque Drive West.
  • Continue on Cirque Drive West to Grandview Drive West.
  • Turn Left at Grandview Drive W.  Pass through 1 roundabout.
  • Chambers Bay Golf Course will be on your right (awesome course – site of the 2015 U.S. Open Championship)
  • Pass through the golf course parking lot and head down the hill.
  • Total distance from I-5 about 6  miles.

Have a great weekend!


One thought on “Adrenaline Rush

  1. Truly a treasured place for anyone who loves the great outdoors…but also has long paved trails surrounding the park for EZ ACESS for people of all ages..including an amazing off leash doggy park…but also a some challenging paved walkways for those who are looking for a great cardio workout that leads up the golf course hills to a wonderful playground park and parking lot up the NE side of the Chambers Bay golf course and an amazing long distance view of Puget Sound.

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