Fitness DVD Reviews: Yoga, Core, and More!

Here’s three very different workouts to help keep your workouts fresh and fun!

Jillian Michaels | Yoga Inferno


Jillian has done it again, a unique blend of “trainer” style yoga as a circuit. Remember, circuit training is going from one exercise to the next with no breaks in between.   This helps keep your heart rate up and build your strength endurance.

There are two 30 minute routines on this DVD.  The first one is a circuit style blend of yoga and cardio drills, and the second is a circuit style blend of yoga and weights.  I liked it!   Don’t go into this thinking it’s a typical yoga practice, it’s an athletic approach. This is an intermediate to advanced workout with tons of planks, mountain climbers, pushups, and more.  It’s tough, but doable.

If you like Jillian, you’ll like this workout.  Though, I was ready to blast her for showing off in her sunglasses, but she explained right away that they were in the desert and couldn’t see anything without them.  Ok Jillian, I’ll give you that.  If you don’t usually do yoga, you’ll really need to preview these workouts a few times before actually doing them to learn the terminology.

My only complaint is that she talks crazy fast and a little too energetic at the end when you are suppose to relax in corpse pose.  I can always cut it right before the end, so this workout is a keeper!

You may need yoga blocks (depending on your flexibility) and a set of light dumbbells.

I bought my copy from Amazon for $10 here.

Here’s some pictures so you get the idea: image

Leslie Sansone | 5 Mega Miles


Leslie Sansone has around 80 workouts available and so I thought I should give it a go for you all.

5 mega miles is her latest DVD and comes with a heavier resistance band inside the case.  I would rate this an intermediate level workout because it’s about an hour and 30 minutes, but you could just do one mile and leave it at that.

There are basic “walks”, which is just marching in place, followed by higher knees, kicks, and side steps, then adding in some travels.  She keeps it super basic, and throws in some resistance every other mile, just to break it up.  If you are an avid walker, but don’t like to walk in the rain, this would be great for days you need to stay inside.

Leslie is a motivating instructor and it’s a solid workout. The only negative is that there is barely any stretching at the end, and I would highly recommend a stretching routine to finish off your workout.

You may need to buy a lighter resistance band for proper form with some of the exercises.

I bought my copy from Amazon for $10 here.

Here’s some pictures below of the 5 Mega Miles workout:


Karen Voight | Stretch and Core Conditoning


Karen is a veteran instructor who still looks absolutely amazing!  Wow!!  You can never go wrong with any of her workouts and this is another great one that not only addresses the core, but is great for opening up the front of the body and creating balance by elongating the muscles.  This is an intermediate level stretching program, but she does give plenty of modifications.  The core section could have been a little longer, but it’s innovative and balanced.

You will need yoga blocks and a mat for this DVD.

I bought my copy from Amazon for $20 here.


I encourage you to try a new exercise format.  It’s great cross training for you body, which will help reduce your risk of injuries.


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