DVD Review: Quick Start Yoga



This yoga DVD is a new release from Gaiam. Well, I should call it a greatist hits DVD instead. It’s 5 earlier released workouts meshed into one, which I didn’t realize when I purchased it.

I already own most of Rodney Yee’s workouts, so these weren’t new to me, but they are from my favorite prior workouts (AM Yoga for Everyday of the Week, Abs Yoga, & Backcare Yoga).

What I did like about this DVD is that it introduced me to a new instructor, Kathryn Budig (I should say new to me). I really liked her style. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, but gives perfect cues to keep you safe from injury.  I will be ordering more of her workouts very soon.

The other plus, is that each practice is only about 20 minutes in length, great for days you need to do something but are short on time.

Here’s pictures from each workout to give you an idea of what they look like:

Energy Flow with Rodney Yee


Beginner’s Flow with Kathryn Budig


Abs Yoga with Rodney Yee


Lower Body Tone with Suzanne Deason


Strong Back with Rodney Yee


September is National Yoga Month and is a perfect time to try a new style or deepen your own practice.  Amazon, Gaiam, and Collage Video are my go to sources for new yoga workouts.



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