Family Hike: Whistler Mountain Summit


We braved the Peak Express Chairlift up to 7, 087 feet again this year so that we could do the 1 mile Whistler Mountain Summit Interpretive Walk Trail last week.

If you decide to take your child up here, they must be taller than 40″ (102 cm) and they are strict about that.  We’ve seen families have to turn around and hike back up to the gondolas.  Also, even though my husband is wearing shorts, it was cold up there!  It was 70 degrees down in Whistler Village and 40 degrees on the Summit.  I’m glad I had my puffy North Face jacket with me.

If you have an older kiddo, you can also do the 3.2 mile High Note Hike which starts from there also.  I wasn’t sure if my little one could do it, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.   We had other trails to tackle anyway.

Check out the views…



This place is a yearly trip for us.  It is awesome summer or winter!  My 5 year old even tried downhill biking for the first time this year.


Hope you are enjoying the last days of summer!  Seattle’s summer decided to end early this year (rain, rain, go away!).


2 thoughts on “Family Hike: Whistler Mountain Summit

  1. Gorgeous view! We took our kids to Pike’s Peak when they were younger. Your pictures remind me of ours from that trip. My son felt funny on the trip up…altitude sickness I guess. He was fine once we got up there.

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