Whistler Train Wreck Trail


My husband took us to the old train wreck when we were up at Whistler last week.  It’s a quick hike (or ride) along the beautiful Cheakamus River, just 2.5 miles and flat, but you can easily make it longer.  I would say you could trail run it, but there are some really rooty sections.  These rooty sections were the reason my son and I left the bikes behind (but my husband just couldn’t resist).


When you get to the train wreck, the cars (tagged with some amazing art), are separated so far!  You still feel the devastation of this wreckage.  When researching it online, there really isn’t much information on what actually happened.

Here’s some pictures of this amazing hike (ride).







To get there, we used the directions from the website: Whistler Hiatus.

Note:  It’s illegal to walk along the railroad tracks and it is a working railroad!  Be extremely cautious.  A train did pass us when we were on the trail.


8 thoughts on “Whistler Train Wreck Trail

  1. This Train Wreck trail is truly an amazingLY WILD BIKE and difficult hiking venture…”I wonder if that “G” art was already on that train BEFORE THE CRASH? What great photos Joy! WOW!

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