Electric Run 5K in Seattle 2013

Friday night “the girlz” got together for another 5k event:


Since a picture is worth a 1000 words, here’s a few for you (I used my handy little Canon Powershot camera):



Running (or walking), music throughout the entire race, dancing, silliness, hanging with friends, and lots of neon!  Notice the group in the bottom right hand corner?  See, you can dress as crazy as you want for this one and you will blend right in!

The shirts you get are really cute too.  You get your choice of girls or boys cut!  Finally, flattering race shirts!!  You also get a battery operated neon motion bracelet and neon glasses which were too annoying to wear for a run (but you can make it into a bracelet).

The best part is running to dance music and hanging with 1000’s of people who are just like you – wanting to do something fun and have a great time.  If you have never done a 5K, this is a perfect one to try for your first time.  I’d say half of the people there were walkers and there were all ages represented – babies through at least 50’s.

Note: It is a night run, so visibility is a little tough in certain portions of the route.

My only complaint/warning is that it took an hour for our group to start the race – and we were in the middle of the pack!  I don’t even know how long it took for the people in the back.  They only let a small handful of people go at a time. It seemed like they should let bigger groups go.  I understand safety, but how is waiting with 1000’s of people for over an hour safe?  Anyway, here’s a couple pictures of everyone waiting at the start:



With the music though, we just danced while we waited for our turn to start (and burned extra calories).  At the end of the race, there is even more dancing or a beer garden (cash only).

Overall, it was a ton of fun and we would do again in a heartbeat!


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