DVD Review: Fusion Floor Workout with Ellen Barrett



Fusion Floor Workout is Ellen Barrett’s latest DVD from her Live series. It’s a 45 minute flexibility/yoga/pilates style format that is perfect for beginners or for those who tend to neglect the flexibility component of a workout. Ellen understands the body and gives great cues to keep you safe and to help reduce your risk of injuries.

The workout focuses on flexibility and extension of the spine, which I liked since it’s opposite of the class formats I teach. The entire workout is done from the mat – seated, kneeling, side kneeling, prone, and supine.

If you have bad knees, you can try extra cushioning under your knees or you may need to omit the kneeling section all together.


My only complaint was watching her do a full push up to a pike (downward dog). She was out of her element with that one. If you can’t do a full push up with perfect form, you better modify it from your knees or just do a plank to pike instead.

This is a great routine for those days you want to do something more mellow or if you are healing an injury.  I bought my copy from Amazon for $14 here.


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