Olympic Peninsula Adventure: Part 2

In Part 1 of the Olympic Peninsula Adventure, we covered the Dungeness Spit, Hurricane Ridge, Sol Duc Falls, and La Push.  Today, I just want to finish off with two more destinations worth checking out.

Lake Crescent



We popped by the Lake Crescent Lodge for lunch and what a nice surprise!  It has such a laid back feel and just feels like summer!  The water is crystal clear and it was fun to see kids jumping off the dock.  My son wanted to jump in too, but settled for some toe-dipping before we were off to our next destination. Hiking, canoeing, SUP, waterskiing, windsurfing and more will fill your days here. This is part of the Olympic National Park, but there wasn’t an entrance fee station here.

Hoh Rainforest


HohRnfrst (1)

The Hoh Rainforest is so magical.  The trees and plants are enormous (the one I’m sitting on in the left hand corner is estimated to be between 500-550 years old). Everything was so green, draped in club moss.  There are two shorter hikes (.8 mile Hall of Mosses Trail and 1.2 mile Spruce Nature Trail) which is perfect for little ones, and there are also longer hikes where you may even run into some elk.  This is part of the Olympic National Park ($15 park admission) and a must see.  We stayed in Forks, WA, which was about a 45 minute drive from there.

If you stay in Forks,  the Forks Motel was actually really clean, they had a heated pool (fun for kids), and everyone was really friendly.  I wasn’t expecting much and it exceeded those expectations easily.   It’s a super small logging town and you’ll run into Twilight nerds – like myself.  🙂

Plan your Olympic Peninsula Adventure!

Here’s some more information on each destinations we visited:

Plan a hike or swim at a lake this weekend.  Be active and get outdoors, it’s summer!


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