Fitness Testing: The 1 Mile Test


If you walk or run 20 minutes most days of the week, you should be testing once every 6 weeks to check improvement of heart and lung function.


All you need is a track or a one mile course and a stopwatch (or stopwatch app). I prefer this over a treadmill, since a treadmill uses momentum with the motor.

*The 1 Mile Test

  1. Warm up at a slower pace for 1-2 laps (up to 1/2 mile).
  2. Time yourself for one mile using a stopwatch.
  3. Walk 1-2 laps to cool down and stretch.

How fast can you finish your mile? You only need to compete with yourself to see how fast you can finish that mile. It is OK to walk, jog, run, or a combination of the three to finish the mile.

Make it a Family Event!

Here’s distances for younger kids:

  • Ages 6-7, 1/4 mile
  • Ages 8-9, 1/2 mile

Bring the Bikes.


If your kids are not quite at that age, use a stroller or bring the bikes.  Set the example and be active!

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


2 thoughts on “Fitness Testing: The 1 Mile Test

  1. I love how you incorporate the family into getting outdoors and being active! Love it! I’ll share a little secret with you … You know I have not been able to run since my knee surgery thing last year – blah -blah. My son unbenounced to him, has been my little “pace setting” dude on his bike for some of the people I train. My runners goal on days we let loose … Catch him! And if you do, we are done for the day. 🙂 As always I thoroughly enjoy my time reading your blog, take care today!

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