Fitness DVD Reviews: Heal Neck Pain, Bootybarre Ballet, and Xtrain HiiT

Trying new exercise formats is a great way to keep workouts fresh and fun, and it’s great cross training! Cross training challenges your muscles differently which helps prevent repetitive stress injuries.  Even though I teach group classes myself, I’m always trying new formats and instructors to break my exercise habits.

I did three fitness DVDs this past week that I wanted to share with you.

1. Heal Neck and Shoulder Pain with Cain Caroll.


One of my weaknesses is having tight cervical and shoulder muscles, so I’m always trying new mind/body DVDs.  I have to say, I really like this workout (therapy session). It’s a blend of yoga, tai chi, and self massage. There are two 20-ish minute practices to choose from, and it’s really important to listen to his cues if you have shoulder or neck injuries. Never force yourself into any position.

The negative: I don’t like the music at all! To each their own.

I will keep this in my personal yoga/therapy rotation. I notice increased neck flexibility when I use this DVD.  I’m also looking at other practices of his, so stay tuned.

I bought this workout at Amazon for $14.  You can go to Cain’s website here for more information.

2. Bootybarre Ballet with Tracey Mallet


It took me a couple weeks to open this. Even though it got great reviews, I couldn’t get over the cover (this is sooo not me).

I don’t know why I waited, it is a great workout! Tracey cues well and is upbeat. I like the fact that she focuses on the backside of your body more than the front (so many workouts are front focused).

The negative: When you do all sections together (including warm up), it takes about an hour and a half. I do think she meant to keep it as 4 quick workouts that could compliment cardio, yoga, or whatever else you are into. Each section is between 15-24 minutes.

I did enjoy it and will keep it in my cross training library to incorporate with other workouts.  I have a couple other different workout formats of hers, and you really can’t go wrong.

You can buy this DVD for about $18 at Amazon.

3. Xtrain All Out Low Impact HiiT with Cathe Friedrich


Cathe is one of the best in the business. She teaches a wide variety of formats, but I would consider her weights and high intensity interval formats her strong suits. She knows how to get your heart rate up!

This workout is almost 40 minutes in length, and there are bonus sections to make the workout longer. It is HiiT format (high intensity interval training) where you stay with one exercise and focus on working as hard as you can, then take about a 10 second break before moving on to the next exercise. These are all low impact moves (no full jumps, one foot is always in contact with the floor) and you need to listen carefully to her cues. The better your form, the more intense it will be.

The negatives: You need glide discs for a 5 minutes section, so if you do this workout on carpet, you won’t be able to do that section. I personally am not a huge fan of HiiT formats because I like to be challenged with more complex movements – that’s just me.

I’ll save this workout for days I don’t want to think too much, but want a great low impact cardio workout.  I have many of her workouts and she’s one of my “go to” instructors for kick butt workouts.

I bought this workout at Amazon for about $20.

Make it a great Monday and try a new exercise format this week!


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