Secret Trail on the Kirkland Waterfront


One of my favorite places to walk and run is the Kirkland waterfront along Lake Washington. 

Heading south, just past the David E. Brink Park, most people miss a beautiful public trail that keeps you along the waterfront. I rarely see anyone on it! Look for this sign below at the north end of the trail.

There are no bikes/wheels allowed and it is the backyard of these condos, so be quiet!

Near the end, you will find the smallest park ever (Settler’s Landing Park) with one little bench.

This is what the entrance looks like from the south end.




So pretty, right? The people that live in these condos are going to be so pissed at me for exposing their secret!

Do you have secret trails in your area that you love to walk or run?


5 thoughts on “Secret Trail on the Kirkland Waterfront

  1. I just discovered one of the trails in Nike Park (in Redmond), ends near my apartment. It’s quiet, wooded and a hill so it’s a great workout!

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