Take Your Cardio to the Bridge


Here’s three bridges in the Pacific NW that you may want to try for your next cardio workout.  Side winds and adrenaline may help you to burn even more calories too!

Deception Pass Bridge


If you decide to make the Deception Pass Bridge a cardio session, you need to go early to beat the crowds.  The bridge height is about 180 feet and the length is a little more than a 1/4 mile.  The nice thing about this one is that there are trails on both sides of the bridge to walk or run, so you can make this as long as you want.  If you go early enough, you can bike some of these trails too without running into too many people.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge


This one doesn’t get too crowded, but at 187.5 feet above the water and 1.1 miles in length, it’ll give you butterflies!  Notice, I’m not on it, but the two dots (people) under the street light are!!

I-90 Floating Bridge

I-90 Bridge

This photo courtesy of Jean-Pierre Chamberland on Flickr

The I-90 Bridge is another great cardio burner at 1.25 miles in length. With Seward Park close by at one end and the Mercer Island Loop and Park on the Lid trails on the other end, you can make this one an all day event!

Do you have pedestrian friendly bridges in your area?  Feel free to add them to the comments below. 


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