Active Lifestyles: Reneé


Reneé Benda
Age: 31
Syracuse, NY

Blog:  Bendiful Blog | Creatively Life Your Life on Purpose (click title or her picture to take you to her blog)


I’ve been following Reneé’s blog for quite a while now. What I love about her is that she keeps it real, and she understands we are all a team. We all bring different healthy living ideas to the table.

I asked her a couple questions about her fitness lifestyle, check it out!

Joy: What’s your typical workout week?

Reneé: Currently I’m completing P90X!  So right now, I’m doing 6 day a week workouts that vary between the P90X classes, running, strength training (2X’s per week), and one day of yoga or pilates with a rest day.

Joy: How long have you been into your fitness lifestyle?

Reneé: I’ve been working on my fitness lifestyle for 5 years. After the birth of my oldest son, I found running! Running for me has always been how I measure my fitness. I have my staple home route that is always a measure for how strong I’m feeling. Lately, I’ve been crushing that course.

If you had asked the 2006 Reneé how she felt about running, she would have laughed in your face. Girlfriend doesn’t run. Sure, once in a while she would take off down the parkway near her house at the time, and crank out a mile. But that was it.

After having my first little boy something changed. I got a jogging stroller and quickly learned my little baby boy loved our run/walks. I liked them too. There was a lot of stress that came with him but running kept me sane and helped me loose a lot of the weight I had gained. Running helped me bond with him our runs were our special time together. As he got bigger we had time to chat about the colors we saw. The pets we passed. And he loved to count things as we cruised by them. It was out bonding time, just us and nature. Then we became pregnant with our second baby…and I kept right on running. Granted, I wasn’t the fastest but I enjoyed the feeling. I liked to be able to hear nature and have some quiet clam time. Running gave me that. My mother always joked that my second son was going to come out wearing a track suit (he didn’t!). But it was the “running” joke. Within those five years there are periods of great success and accomplishments mixed in with periods of less activity.


I started writing my blog in March of 2012, it gave me a place to really hold myself accountable for my fitness. It also became a great place to meet people who shared similar passions. I got serious about my personal fitness goals this year and started to really watch what I ate. I even completed my first “whole 30” experience that really opened my eyes to how important nutrition is to living a healthy lifestyle. Everyone has a different journey to a healthy lifestyle. Mine has taken me a while to find but I think I’m hitting my fitness groove these days and I’m excited for the future!

Bendiful Blog also has great healthy recipes to help you on your road to optimal health.  🙂

Health Tip:  Your 7 dimensions of wellness (for optimal health) are physical wellness, environmental wellness, spiritual wellness, social wellness, occupational wellness, intellectual wellness, and emotional wellness.  Are there areas you tend to neglect?  You’re only as healthy as your weakest link.


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