DVD Review: Ballet Body|Total Body by Leah Sarago



Leah Sarago’s Ballet Body Signature Series: Total Body, is an intermediate level workout that integrates all your muscles. The entire workout is 75 minutes, but you can easily break it up into parts instead. I did the entire workout, and time flew by!

The components of this workout are:

  • Warm up: 5 min
  • Upper body (and core): 20 minutes
  • Lower body: 20 minutes
  • Core: 20 minutes
  • Cool down: 10 minutes

I’m always skepital with advertising, such as “brilliantly creative”, because I’ve seen a lot in my 20 years of fitness.  I will say…Leah is brilliantly creative!  Her cueing is perfect for executing exercises correctly and to keep you safe. I especially liked the core section, it’s not your typical floor work.  For that particular segment alone, I’m glad I purchased this DVD.  I like her persona.  She’s energetic, but not fake, and her body is inspiring – holey smokes!


This workout focuses on the stabilizing muscles of the body and the extension of your movements.  This is what will get you the lean look you desire.

The music is pop and dance styles, which I like.  The only negative might be that she echoes a little bit, but with the music playing, you barely notice it.

See the exercises for yourself here:

You can buy this DVD at Amazon for $17 here.

It’s unique, fun, and I am confident you will get results from this workout.

Happy Friday and it’s officially SUMMER!  Seattle won’t feel like it until tomorrow *sigh*.  😉


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