Just for Kids: Swamp Monster Trail


The Swamp Monster Trail is a perfect hike for your little ones.  A hiking trail, a story, and lots of fun!

To get there (from Seattle):

  • Travel East on I-90 to exit 20 (High Point)
  • Turn right and right again onto SE 79th St.
  • Travel about a half mile to the parking lot (Discover Pass required, but only $30 for the entire year).

We went late on a Sunday afternoon (around 3:30) and had no problem with parking.  Warning, earlier on weekends are packed due to the many trails that start from this location.  We only ran into a couple other families on this particular trail.

The trail (and story are about a mile long), you’ll end up passing two sets of power lines and you’ll see a sign for Brink Trail, turn around or continue on.  At the second set of power lines, we went up (south) to the service road and turned left back to the parking lot (to make a loop).   It ended up being 2 miles for us.

Here’s pictures of our adventure:




Here’s what one of the story boards looks like…



Have the kids look out for a giant trees, mushrooms, flowers, and monsters too…




Lead by example and get fit with your family. Ssshhh…they won’t even realize it’s exercise!


9 thoughts on “Just for Kids: Swamp Monster Trail

      • It all looks so lovely, I love the pictures you so kindly share with all of us! Plus the names of the trails out there ROCK! Swamp Monster Trail!!! Here we have the Keystone and Papio Trails … Lame and Boring names that leave little to the imagination of little and big kids alike. 🙂

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