DVD Review: Rodney Yee’s Power Up Yoga

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Rodney Yee’s Power Up Yoga is his newest release, and is already a new favorite of mine!



I have most of Rodney’s yoga DVDs and this *intermediate level workout is a little different than the rest. The moves are a bit faster, but it still flows nicely. The scenery is awesome, and I love the music – new age with a beat.

There are 3 separate twenty-minute practices, but you can put them all together. The first practice is core-focused, the second is total body, and the third is floor work and a little meditation.

Rodney Yee is my favorite yoga instructor, and it’s nice to get something different from him. Yoga is my weak link, so this workout will keep me motivated on my path to mind/body wellness.

I encourage you to try incorporating DVDs into your fitness program. You will always learn something new, which will keep your workouts fresh!

I bought Power Up Yoga at Amazon for $10 here.

*If you are new to yoga, you’ll want to start with either his Yoga for Beginners or A.M. Yoga.


5 thoughts on “DVD Review: Rodney Yee’s Power Up Yoga

  1. I love Yoga. It is amazing how it really is a workout. For all of the skeptics out there….you must try it! I sweat buckets doing Yoga and at the end I feel so relaxed and centered.

    One thing that I have wrestled with while learning Yoga, I’m not flexible enough to do all the moves. If you can’t do “tabletop” (abdomen up vinyasa) or Plough pose (an inversion or Halasana)….don’t kill yourself trying to do them! But I always try to do what I can of the movement so that I can eventually do it….at some point in my life.

    $13 for a new and kick-ass way to keep your workouts fresh…..priceless! 😉

    • Hi Mike, Great points…to modify when you need to (I do all the time). Straps and yoga blocks also help for modifying those challenging moves too – never force yourself into a position (not worth it). Man, tabletop is a tough one for me too!

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